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The 2024 NMHA Conference on Adolescent Mental Health

Updated: Feb 29

Last updated 2/29/2024

Nurturing Mental Health in Adolescents Conference

Date: April 25, 2024

Location: 425 N Sam Houston Pkwy E, Houston, Texas

Hosted By: Deblin CARES | Deblin Health Concepts

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On April 25, 2024, Houston, Texas, will be the backdrop for a transformative day in adolescent mental health care, hosted by Deblin CARES of Seaside Healthcare at the Ballroom, 425 N Sam Houston Pkwy E. The Nurturing Mental Health in Adolescents Conference is set to offer groundbreaking insights and foster collaborative efforts to improve young people's mental well-being.

The day begins at 7:00 AM with registration and breakfast in the Grand Ballroom, welcoming attendees to a day filled with enlightening presentations and networking opportunities. William 'Eddy' Schedule, Executive Director of Deblin Health Concepts, will inaugurate the conference at 8:00 AM, emphasizing the critical importance of innovative mental health strategies for youth.

Dr. Renata Nero, BS, MA, PsyD, board member of Ashley Jadine Foundation, will take the stage at 8:30 AM to share the foundation's mission to prevent youth suicide. Her talk will highlight the challenges and solutions in navigating adolescent mental health care, emphasizing the crucial role of parental engagement in the digital age.

Following at 9:30 AM, Dr. Jason Mensah of Beaumont Psychiatric Clinic will discuss Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Nurturing Adolescent Mental Health, bringing his extensive expertise in psychiatry to the fore. His session will underline the significance of a holistic approach to mental health, connecting mind, body, and soul.

Lunch will be served at 12:00 PM in the Grand Ballroom, offering a moment of relaxation and further networking opportunities.

The afternoon sessions will feature Angelica Rohlik, BSW, MSW, discussing comprehensive, evidence-based program, Healthy Minds, Healthy Communities. Following her, at 2:00 PM, Dr. Ronda Stevens of Wright Directions will share her insights on collaborative care models that enhance both behavioral and academic outcomes for youth.

The conference will culminate in an open panel Q&A at 3:15 PM, inviting attendees to engage with our distinguished speakers, including Dr. Stevens, Dr. Mensah, Dr. Nero, and Rohlik. This session aims to delve into the latest advancements in adolescent mental health, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and strategies.

William 'Eddy' Schedule will provide closing remarks and reflections on the day's discussions at 4:15 PM, setting a path for future collaboration and continued efforts in adolescent mental health care.

The 2024 Nurturing Mental Health in Adolescents Conference is more than an event; it's a crucial step toward a future where young individuals receive the support and resources they need to thrive. Join us in Houston for this pivotal gathering and be part of the movement to nurture the minds that will shape tomorrow.


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