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Medication Management

We provide direct medication management or referral to providers. 

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Individual & Family Therapy

We provide an easy way to receive counseling services without leaving your home. 

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Resiliency & Recovery Services 

We provide a multi-disciplinary program with a mental health and substance abuse education focus.

Learn More About Deblin Services

At Deblin CARES, our dedicated team of experienced clinicians provides compassionate and professional mental health services, delivering personalized support tailored to individual needs, while fostering a safe, nurturing environment that enhances well-being, independence, and quality of life for our clients.

Services Overview

Discover a world of support and care at Deblin CARES, spanning across vibrant Texas communities. From the lively heart of Houston to the sprawling landscapes of Katy, Austin's energetic vibe, San Antonio's cultural tapestry, and the dynamic Dallas/Fort Worth area, we're bringing top-notch mental health and substance use services to children, adolescents, adults, and seniors across the Lone Star State. Your wellness journey, our diverse Texas horizons!




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