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Compassion is the heart of our service. Our staff embodies this value by actively listening, empathizing deeply, and responding to the unique needs of each individual we serve, ensuring that everyone feels valued and understood."

Accountability is foundational to our integrity and professionalism. Our staff members uphold the highest standards, ensuring every action and decision is transparent and committed to the well-being of those we serve.

Resilience inspires us to adapt and thrive amidst challenges. Our staff embraces this value by persisting in their dedication to support and empower our clients, no matter the obstacles, fostering a culture of strength and perseverance.


Ethics guide every decision and interaction. Our staff upholds the highest moral standards, ensuring that every action is taken with honesty, fairness, and respect for the dignity of those we serve.


Support means more than just assistance; it's about creating a nurturing environment where every individual can grow. Our staff members are committed to providing unwavering guidance and encouragement, ensuring everyone we serve can achieve their best.


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Join Tony Fernandez and Catherine Blackwell-Garner from Deblin Health Concepts as they delve into the array of mental health services available in Houston for Mental Health Awareness Month!

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Community Engagement Through
Deblin CARES

Deblin Health Concepts extends its impact beyond direct mental health services through its community outreach arm, Deblin CARES. This initiative focuses on education, awareness, and preventive programs to foster community well-being and resilience, particularly among vulnerable populations. 

Bring Wellness to Your Event!

The Deblin CARES Outreach Team is dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and support throughout the community by engaging in various outreach activities and events. This passionate team works collaboratively to provide educational materials, conduct workshops, and participate in community events, effectively extending Deblin Health Concepts' mission to enhance mental wellness across diverse populations.

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Education and Training Commitment

At Deblin Health Concepts, led by our Chief Program Officer, we are dedicated to fostering advancements in mental health knowledge and practices. We host regular peer support and supervisory sessions for our staff and the wider mental health community. These initiatives are crucial as they ensure the integration of the most current research and the finest practices in mental health care into our service offerings.

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To make online payments into your account, please click below to go to our InstaMed pay portal.   You may pay using your credit card or by online check.   Please have your Deblin account number ready when making your payment.

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Deblin CARES Help Center


We know that mental health can be a sensitive and difficult topic to discuss, which is why our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section.


If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health concerns, don't hesitate to reach out for help.

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We accept many insurance providers.  Please be aware, this list may not reflect all accepted insurances.

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