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Medication Management and Integrated Health

Qualifying Conditions

All Mental and Health Conditions

Who We Serve

  • Adults with Severe Mental Illness (SMI) 

  • Adults in ICM program

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We offer comprehensive services supported by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Our unique approach brings together behavioral and medical care to provide coordinated management for our members.  


What We Offer

Coordinated Care Management 

Our team of behavioral and medical prescribers work closely with licensed mental health providers to ensure all aspects of your health are addressed. 

Monthly Team Collaboration 

We focus on clients with high-risk psychiatric and medical needs, ensuring they receive the most attentive and detailed care. 

Stay Connected, Stay Healthy 

Our integrated care model means better outcomes and a smoother healthcare journey for you.  


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Limitations or Exclusions of Services

We are proud to offer specialized Medication Management and Integrated Health Services designed to streamline and enhance your healthcare experience. Currently, these premium services are available exclusively to Medicare Advantage clients, ensuring tailored care that meets the specific needs and benefits of this group.

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