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School-Based Services

Qualifying Conditions

Serious Mental Illness (SMI) and other diagnosis for children and adolescents deemed appropriate by school counselor referrals

Who We Serve

Children 5 years-old to 17, and families

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We are committed to supporting the well-being of children in educational settings through our School-Based Services. Recognizing the challenges faced by at-risk children, we provide on-site intervention aimed at helping students manage emotional dysregulation and behavioral issues effectively within their regular school environments. 


Features of Our School-Based Services 

Professional Support On-Site 

Our team of Qualified Mental Health Professionals (QMHPs) and Licensed Mental Health Professionals (LMHPs) are available directly within the school to provide timely and effective support. 

Focus on Emotional Regulation and Behavior 

We specialize in assisting children who experience emotional outbursts, classroom disruptions, and other behaviors that could potentially lead to more restrictive educational placements. 

Preventative Approach 

The primary goal of our services is to help children remain in their regular educational settings, avoiding the need for Special Education (SPED) placement in Behavioral Intervention or Adjustment Centers. 


Our interventions are designed not only to address immediate behavioral concerns but also to equip children with long-term strategies for emotional and behavioral self-management. This proactive approach helps to create a more supportive learning environment that can enhance overall school performance and social interactions. 


If your school is seeking effective strategies to support at-risk students, contact Deblin Health Concepts today. We are here to provide the necessary tools and support to help every child succeed in their educational journey. 

Limitations or Exclusions of Services

Our School-Based Services are specifically designed to cater to the needs of children, adolescents, and their families within the educational setting. This focused approach ensures that our interventions are highly specialized and relevant to the unique challenges faced by these age groups.

Key Aspects of Our School-Based Services

Targeted Clientele

Our services are exclusively available for children and adolescents attending school, along with their families. This specialization allows us to tailor our programs directly to the developmental and educational needs of younger individuals.

Comprehensive Support

By concentrating on this demographic, we ensure that our interventions are appropriate and effective, addressing issues like emotional dysregulation, classroom outbursts, and behaviors that impact educational participation.

Our dedicated team of mental health professionals works directly in schools to provide support and intervention strategies aimed at helping students manage challenges and remain in their regular school settings. This not only aids in their immediate well-being but also enhances their long-term educational outcomes.

If your educational institution is looking for specialized support that addresses the mental health needs of students and their families, reach out to Deblin Health Concepts. We're committed to helping students thrive in their educational journeys through tailored, on-site interventions.

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