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Roots of Resilience - Charmen Williams' Legacy of Service at Deblin Health Concepts

Charmen Williams shares her profound connection to her heritage and her dedication to helping others at Deblin Health Concepts. With a career spanning over a decade at Deblin, Williams has transitioned from an intake specialist to a managerial role, reflecting her commitment and passion for serving those in need.

Williams's journey is deeply intertwined with her rich family history, drawing strength from her ancestors' resilience. "I am one of the descendants of the Latin family, which was actually a slave. My great-great-grandfather, Ernest Latin, was an actual slave," she shares, revealing the deep roots of her family's legacy in American history. This personal connection to the past fuels her dedication to creating a better future, not just for her family but for the community she serves at Deblin Health Concepts.

Her work in the intake department is more than a job; it's a continuation of a legacy of service and perseverance. Williams's story highlights the importance of understanding one's history and the impact it can have on personal growth and professional dedication. "Black history means a lot to me because of some of the things that we were entitled to have. I actually, personally, up to this very day, have some of the history of my family from my mother's side that has been passed down to me," she states, emphasizing the significance of heritage and the passing of knowledge through generations.

The legacy of the Latin family extends beyond historical records; it's a living, breathing narrative that continues to shape the lives of its descendants. The family's tradition of coming together, celebrating their heritage, and educating the younger generations about their legacy is a testament to the enduring strength and unity of the Latin family. "We find ourselves, like every two years, coming together on the land and actually having a big family reunion," Williams recounts, illustrating the profound bond that ties her family to their ancestors and their land.

Charmen Williams's reflection on her family's history and her role at Deblin Health Concepts serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of knowing one's roots. It's a story that not only celebrates the achievements of the past but also inspires hope and action for the future. Williams encourages everyone to "know their history and know where their descendants came from and what they have contributed to this world today."

Through her words, Charmen Williams exemplifies the essence of resilience, service, and legacy. Her dedication to her role at Deblin Health Concepts is a reflection of her family's enduring spirit, a spirit that continues to inspire and influence the lives of those around her.


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